Our Story

Origami is more than just a playful art form; it holds practical applications across various fields. Its delicate paper-folding techniques have captivated people for centuries, tapping into hidden abilities and fostering personal and professional growth.

At Zensiblo Consulting, we incorporated origami into our work in the past few years and gradually developed it into a more comprehensive methodology. As time went on, we realized the immense power it held and recognized the need for letting the methodology to have its own life.

This realization gave birth to Origamic Transformation™. This unique methodology goes beyond the act of folding paper, and it encompasses the principles, wisdom, and practices of origami. We find that it can have its place within a diverse range of contexts, from high-energy team-building exercises and strategic planning workshops to coaching and training sessions.

So, in 2024, we officially launched Origamic Transformation™ as a facilitation service.

Origamic Transformation™ can seamlessly weaves the art of origami into specific subjects such as leadership, change and transformation, productivity improvement, teamwork, and communication. It offers an immersive experience, combining hands-on origami creation, reflective exercises, and practical application of acquired knowledge.

Continuous Development and Growth

The methodology of Origamic Transformation™ is in a constant state of evolution. We are dedicated to refining our approach, constantly improving its effectiveness. Furthermore, we are actively designing new branches of application to cater to different contexts.

Like mastering the craft of origami, we are committed to continuous practice, skill enhancement, and thoughtful reflection on our designs.

On Mastery of Origami

It is important to emphasize that our aim is not to be regarded as “experts” or “masters” in the realm of origami. Our primary focus lies in facilitating accelerated transformations for ourselves and our clients through the lessons from origami.

Naturally, all practitioners should possess a desired level of origami knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the methodology.