Using Origamic Transformation™, we customize our facilitation in the learning and development, and process facilitation settings.

Most of the projects and workshops are customized to suit the specific needs of the clients.

In addition, we have standard offerings to satisfy general needs and act as demonstrations of the methodology.

Some standard workshops include:

Team Building Workshops

  • The team building workshop is a half-day or full-day event that use origami activities, together with highlights on the related wisdom, to enhance team bonding, trust, communication, and performance. It blends team origami activities with reflections, discussion, and sharing to achieve impactful team experiences.
  • This workshop can run from light and moderate paced to high energy, fast-paced team activities.

Leadership Workshop

  • With specific origami activities designed for developing and reflecting on the leadership role. The workshop aims to build readiness for taking up leadership roles when the contents demanded.
  • You will learn: (1) to lead your team even if you are not an assigned leader, (2) to master the 4 “control dials” of an effective team, (3) to become more aware of your and others work styles, and thus interact better; and (4) build an internal process to continuous enhance your leadership capability.

Riding the Wave of Change Workshop

  • This workshop is design to equip your people, mainly middle level managers, with the mindset and skills to embrace and support changes and transformations.
  • Through the origami experience, the participants will develop a positive attitude towards changes and challenges, build the capacity to innovate and step out of their comfort zone, and most importantly, they will be equipped with the skills to facilitate and lead changes in the organization.

Parenting with Origami

  • Developing your kids is always a challenging tasks. Do you want your kids to possess the wisdom of patience, resilience, organization, relentless in learning and reflecting, and creativity?
  • This program is develop for parents to engage their kids on a journey of self-discovery and self-development.
  • The program helps you kick-start your journey to co-develop with your kids, build and reinforce values that can positively impact life, and have really joyful moments together.